THIS ISSUE CONTENTS: Volume 7 No 2 September 2016

The 31st AFAS Exhibition

The Automotive Fine Arts Society presented their 31st Premiere Exhibition at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in August. Read the extensive coverage in this issue's feature story.

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One Man's Car Week

Our regular contributor Wallace Wyss takes us on an extensive and eclectic tour of the massive "Car Week" on the Monterey Peninsula. They say of the street called the Via Veneto in Italy that, if you sit long enough in one spot, everybody you ever knew will happen by and I think Monterey Car Week is a little like that. It's every car guy you ever knew plus every car you ever heard of....

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Casey Hall

Your first question will be "why carburetors?" But as you look over our review of Casey Hall's work, you'll quickly understand the wonderful visual opportunities. Originally trained as a figure painter, Casey Hall’s focus has shifted from flesh and blood to metal and fuel.

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Our regular feature presents a broad and eclectic mix of art and art related stories. Brief coverage of events, artists and their activities as well as personalities from the automotive art world...

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Publisher Jay Koka comments on personalities, events and automotive themed art in general. He sets the stage for the current issue in his regular column.

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About the Society

Learn about what may arguably the most influential group of automotive themed artists at work today. Includes current membership list.

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