THIS ISSUE CONTENTS: Volume 6 No 2 September 2015

AFAS 30th Anniversary

September is our annual AFAS Pebble Beach Premiere Exhibition report made just a little more special in 2015 as it represents the Society's 30th anniversary show...

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Lost on the peninsula

Our intrepid west coast correspondent Wallace Wyss takes on "Car Week" on the Monterey Peninsula... not really lost... just constantly in motion...

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Book Reviews

We present reviews on "An Artfulllife" a book about the work of AFAS member Harold Cleworth and "Porsche Unexpected" an indepth look at the famous marque.

Book Reviews »

About the Society

Learn about what may arguably the most influential group of automotive themed artists at work today. Includes current membership list.

About AFAS »


Our regular feature presents a broad and eclectic mix of art and art related stories. Brief coverage of events, artists and their activities as well as personalities from the automotive art world...

Detours »


Richard Pietruska's guest column on 3D art at the 30th anniversary show...

Contours »

Publisher Jay Koka sets the stage for the current issue in his column

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