THIS ISSUE CONTENTS: Volume 7 No 1 April 2016

RAC Show, London England

The Art of Motoring Exhibition was promoted and sponsored by the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall...There were 15 invited artists who displayed art in various forms.

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Art Fitzpatrick

Wallace Wyss explores the famous art of Van and Fitz, the “Fitz" being Art Fitzpatrick and the “Van “ being Van Kaufman. A look at the work of the late AFAS honorary member...

Art Fitzpatrick »

Remembering Phyllis...

The late AFAS member Phyllis Krim was a star in the world of depicting motorcars in oils. She attributed her interest in cars to the fact that she grew up in Pennsylvania across from a racetrack.

Remembering Phyllis »

Phil Ward

Reviewing the work of digital artist Phil Ward. Ward’s artwork begins with a 35m slide, negative, scanned photograph or digital image... he then applies “filter” effects of watercolor, illustration or impasto for example to the composition.

Phil Ward »

Yuron Shevchenko

Yuri Shevchenko is an artist working in the Ukraine. While we continue to have problems with contact and language, we present a brief review of his "surreal" work.

Shevchenko »

AFAS Guests

Watanabi, Ouchi, Inagaki: The AFAS invited three Japanese artists a to join them in the 2015 art show as guests. These artists use a combination of non-traditional processes in the production of their work.

AFAS Guests »


Our regular feature presents a broad and eclectic mix of art and art related stories. Brief coverage of events, artists and their activities as well as personalities from the automotive art world...

Detours »


Publisher Jay Koka comments on personalities, events and automotive themed art in general. He sets the stage for the current issue in his regular column.

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About the Society

Learn about what may arguably the most influential group of automotive themed artists at work today. Includes current membership list.

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